With the new local council election campaign in full swing and the State Government moratorium regarding any demolition threat to the Jimna Fire Tower in place until the new Somerset Regional Council has had the opportunity to take ownership, public support steadily increases. While local awareness has been the focus for the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) it has been extremely important to deliver the message that the proposed redevelopment of this Heritage listed tourist icon will not impact on local council rates, but will be funded by State and Federal Government grants.
JIMNA TOWER STANDS ABOVE THE CATCHMENT HEADWATERS and commands a panoramic view of the Somerset and Wivenhoe dams, which emphasises the significance of the Jimna area as a major contributor to the protection and supply of clean water for the future population of South East Queensland. Just as Jimna was a major contributor to the economy of Queensland through massive timber production in the past, Jimna is now set to be recognised for it’s production of clean water and air in our environmentally sensitive future.
PROTECTION OF PRISTINE AREAS AND FOREST  RECREATION are now vital issues that will command intense consultation between local council and state government departments and agencies so as to formulate policies which can effectively accommodate commercial and public use of these magnificent forests while at the same time ensure that they are maintained in their natural condition. JFTAG is confident that modern technology associated with a growing desire to work together in search of the correct balance, will showcase the Jimna area onto the world stage.