Tourist attraction concept gains momentum

While the ongoing search for solutions for making the Jimna Fire Tower structure safe for public use as a tourist destination continues, the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) has focused it’s strategic plan on several fronts. 

FIRSTLY, all material available, including a full set of the original working plans, has been sent to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for presentation to the Queensland Heritage Council meeting expected to take place 20/10/06. This meeting will determine, we hope, that sufficient evidence does exist to justify the commissioning of an engineering report who’s terms of reference will focus on options to redevelop the Jimna Fire Tower into a Tourist Attraction as an alternative to DEMOLITION. 

SECONDLY, letters have been sent to Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS) who control the tower site, and Forest Plantations Queensland (FPQ) who own the tower itself, seeking agreement in principal to transfer legal responsibility for the Jimna Fire Tower infrastructure and site to JFTAG. This request was made because it became abundantly clear that it would be a fruitless exercise continuing to negotiate with government departments who’s CORE BUSINESS does NOT include the development and management of TOURIST ATTRACTIONS. 

THIRDLY, talks with business people, concerning the possibility of this project being taken over by private enterprise or a consortium similar to that which operates the extremely successful STORY BRIDGE ADVENTURE CLIMB are continuing. In this regard (JFTAG) welcomes input from any person who may be able to offer suggestions as to how this HISTORIC ICON can be converted from a now unwanted government liability into a must visit TOURIST DESTINATION . 

While JFTAG gathers replies and collates responses to the above issues the campaign to create public awareness and to gain public support is ongoing. Please do not just wish us luck; only PEOPLE POWER will convince the Queensland Government to act in a positive and constructive way so that a fruitful outcome may be made possible.