The following serious questions have been submitted to the Premiers Department of Queensland, the Minister for Local Government and Planning the Honourable Andrew Fraser MP, the State member for Nanango, Dorothy Pratt MP, the Minister for the department of Primary Industries, the Honourable Tim Mulherin MP, the Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Lindy Nelson/Carr MP, the Minister for Tourism the Honourable Margaret Keech MP, the Queensland Heritage Council and the National Trust of Queensland, in reply to correspondence received. We can only wait and hope for serious answers!

Question No1… If the Jimna State Forest features as a tourist attraction in Tourism Queensland’s South East Queensland Country Guide, and Destination Management Plan for the Brisbane Region, then why has our State Government’s policies regarding the “future recreational use of State Forests and National Parks” seen the closure of several access roads and the restriction of public use of this area?               

Question No 2… If “Nature Based” tourism is a key component of tourism in South East Queensland as suggested, then why has the Queensland Government either closed down or obliterated eleven (11) former beauty spots in the Jimna area over the past 6 or 7 years as well as standing by and allowing the recent attempt to demolish the “Jimna Fire Tower” to  proceed without meaningful consultation with tourism stakeholders, and the people of Queensland?

Question No 3…If viewing platforms and towers are potentially valuable tourist infrastructure, as suggested, then why has the Queensland Government failed to maintain the “Jimna Fire Tower”, especially given the fact that this popular tourist icon attracted, prior to closure, 30,000 visitors per year (without wide spread tourism promotion), which represented a significant potential tourism money earner at the time, and still does?       

Question No4… If a Government department is bestowed with the responsibility of ownership of a Heritage Listed place, such as the “Jimna Fire Tower”, then why is it that this department is” NOT REQUIRED” to undertake proper and adequate maintenance under the provisions of the current Queensland Heritage Act?

Question No5…What is preventing the Government from transferring the ownership of the “Jimna Fire Tower” from the current owner, “Forestry Plantations Queensland”, who’s core business does not have either the funding nor the charter to develop tourism projects or to preserve our Heritage, to a department which does? 

The Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) eagerly looks forward to the opportunity to work with the relevant Government departments and Tourism stakeholders for the purpose of evaluating all possible options for the redevelopment of the Heritage Listed “Jimna Fire Tower” into a self funded tourist destination, BEFORE consideration is given to the destruction of our country’s Heritage and History.

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