Reflections on past JFTAG achievements

As the dust settles after the recent Queensland state election, and we await confirmation of portfolios which concern the campaign to redevelop the Jimna Fire Tower into a tourist attraction, the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) feels that it is an appropriate time to reflect on past achievements and reinvigorate our commitment to expected outcomes and goals.
It has been just four months since a notice appeared in the Courier Mail requesting that the Queensland Heritage Council (QHC) delist the Jimna Fire Tower from the heritage list for the purpose of demolition, giving just two weeks for the public to submit objections. A seemingly impossible task given the time frame and the soon to be realised fact that less than one in five members of the public were aware that the tower was actually Heritage Listed. Undaunted, JFTAG was quickly formed, hundreds of faxes, letters and emails were sent, with committee members working ten hours a day seven days a week responding to inquiries, resulting in the wonderful QHC ruling that the weight of public submissions and the practical alternatives to demolition submitted by JFTAG justified a stay of execution until all options for the preservation of the Jimna Fire Tower are evaluated.
Since that monumental achievement JFTAG has religiously met each Friday to administer a carefully drafted strategic plan which has effectively generated enormous public support, tremendous interest from relevant government departments, weekly media updates, a highly successful fund raising campaign, solid endorsement from local business houses and more recently the much appreciated offers of assistance from professional sources who are generously volunteering their services.
It has been a fast and sometimes bumpy roller-coaster ride which has brought many people from all walks of life together in the quest of a common goal, which if successful will bring varied rewards. From the volunteers who may have only been able to contribute by selling a few raffle tickets and only  receiving  the satisfaction of being involved; to future overseas tourists or day trippers who will cherish the experience of climbing the Jimna Fire Tower or the local general store which will sell a few more hamburgers; to the increased traffic patronising Kilcoy Shire’s business houses and tourist operators; and to the larger suppliers and tourist operators of south east Queensland; ALL will receive, and are entitled to, some degree of reward or benefit. As such JFTAG invites any person who may be able to assist by attending some of our weekly Friday meetings from 10am at “Jacks Place”, Mary St., Kilcoy to phone Rhonda Affoo PH 5497 1878 with any query or just turn up.