The campaign to save the Jimna Fire Tower could not have received a better Christmas Gift, with the news that a new engineering report commissioned by the Queensland Heritage Council has confirmed that the tower does not have the same extent of structural damage as first reported, and can be restored. Although this is great news for the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group JFTAG and it’s supporters, there are a number of issues to be resolved before we can start popping champagne corks.
Matters such as Future Ownership, Risk Assessment, Public Safety issues, Infrastructure Planning, Structural Design, Final Costings, Grant and Funding opportunities, and a feasible Management Business Plan, can now be addressed from a much clearer and more positive platform, in year 2007, than where we were six months ago. Consultation on relevant issues shall begin ,at a proposed meeting set down for Friday 19/01/07 between JFTAG and Forestry Plantations Queensland, the current owners of the Jimna Fire Tower.
It is quite possible that the Jimna Fire Tower would not be with us today, had it not been for the few initial believers that now make up the JFTAG committee, the immediate local public response, followed by strong local business support, and then the ever increasing interest shown by Tourist Operators and stakeholders throughout