Confirmation has been received that the Model T Owners of Queensland will be touring Kilcoy Shire  this coming weekend 26th and 27th May 07. Club officials have advised, that the tour will incorporate a rally in support of the preservation of the Jimna Fire Tower, which once again demonstrates the present popularity, and the future potential of the Tower as a tourist destination .Public viewing of these beautifully restored vehicles is invited at the designated stopping venues, with all arrival and departure times in relation to the following itinerary approximate only. Saturday 26th May, arrival 9-30am at the Kilcoy State School oval for morning tea, staying until approximately 10-30am,then proceeding to Jimna, arrival 12noon at Bellbird Park for lunch at the Jimna Tourist Information Centre, staying till 1pm, then moving on via Leis Lookout to the Jimna Fire Tower for a photo shoot, depart around 1-30pm for an overnight stay at Kilcoy Exchange Hotel. Aston Park in William St Kilcoy is the venue for Sunday morning muster from 8am till 8-30am,after which the vehicles will proceed via Kennedy St and Mt Kilcoy Road for breakfast at Hunting Lodge Estate, from where the tour will return home via Mary Smokes Creek and Neurum Roads. The Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) extends a big welcome to the Model T Owners, thank you for choosing Kilcoy Shire for this excursion, and in particular for supporting the Jimna Fire Tower.

GREAT WALKS OF QUEENSLAND. Tourist brochures featuring the great walks of Queensland, are now available at local tourist information centres, courtesy of Tourism Queensland.The booklets contain graphic illustrations of the most popular walks from the New South Wales border to Cape York, including Island and Waterfall Walks, as well as walks to the top five Queensland peaks. As previously stated, JFTAG will be presenting a strong case to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, for the Maleny to Jimna GREAT WALK (which is currently in the planning stage), to include the Jimna Fire Tower as a major highlight. Being so readily accessible to the rapidly growing centres of South East Queensland, this tourism development is destined to become a vital ingredient in the future sustainability of Kilcoy Shire.

PROMOTIONAL AND PUBLIC AWARENESS EVENTS. Local wine raffle tickets now available at Jack’s Kilcoy Eatery, Please phone 54 973 174 if you can help by selling a book of twenty tickets. Next BIG WALK for Jimna Fire Tower, Queens Birthday Weekend Sunday 10th June 07,BIG CAMP OUT for Jimna Fire Tower, weekend of 28th to 30th of September 07.