Kilcoy Stanley Hotel fundraising dinner

As momentum for the Jimna Fire Tower and site to be redeveloped into a tourist attraction steadily gathers, the fund raising dinner held last Thursday evening at the Stanley Hotel, Kilcoy, has galvanised a broad section of the Kilcoy shire business community into a united resolve to move this project forward. The management and staff of the Stanley Hotel set the scene for this wonderful night by their meticulous attention to detail with regard to the new B.B.Q deck layout and table decorations which celebrated the anniversary of this first class function venue.

Pre-dinner drinks and mingling provided patrons with the opportunity to meet and welcome guest speakers while also prompting enthusiastic discussion in relation to the future of the Jimna fire tower. From mayor Terry Dredge, who highlighted the importance of the towers tourist dollar value to Kilcoy shire, and Penny Cook who has pledged to seek funding avenues, to our state election candidates Dorothy Pratt and John Bjelke/Petersen’s unerring commitment and Mike Horan’s announcement of total redevelopment coalition funding, the Jimna Fire Tower has won many friends and supporters. Executive director of the Woodford folk festival, Bill Hauritz, provided a fitting finale to a magnificent program by relating the Jimna fire tower to a “symbol”. The tower, Bill emphasised, is a “symbol” which has brought everybody together, it is the “symbol” of united and strong community support for the towers survival, and it will be an everlasting “symbol” of community achievement for the future.

The Jimna Fire Tower Action Group wishes to express extreme gratitude to the guest speakers who gave of their valuable time; to the generous donors of the impromptu raffle prizes; the Stanley Hotel management, Lisa and staff, and last but not least to those who attended and made this function such a successful fund raiser for the Jimna fire tower.