At the meeting held 11/7/07 between Kilcoy Shire Council (KSC) and the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG), it was made abundantly clear that quote “KSC do not intend to own or to be trustees of the Jimna Fire Tower” unquote. Where, as this decision may, in the first instance seem irresponsible or even callously predictable, to Kilcoy Councils’ defence, it appears that the goalposts may have been shifted. From day one the current owners, Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ), offered to provide funding for the establishment of an on site replica, in the event that there was NO ALTERNATIVE TO DEMOLITION of the tower. From JFTAG’S understanding, as a condition of the FPQ offer of ownership, this funding has now been withdrawn. Unless otherwise corrected, this is as much as to say that “FPQ will transfer ownership of the Jimna Fire Tower site and associated infrastructure to KSC, but FPQ will only provide funding for the establishment of an alternative on site replica, if the Jimna fire tower itself is DEMOLISHED”. To muddy the waters even further the will only provide funding offer has been documented by KSC as meaning may only provide funding.

In light of the above perceived FPQ policy shift, and following an extremely positive and productive meeting with local business entrepreneur Bill Hauritz, on Friday 13/7/07, JFTAG has resolved to ask FPQ via this news update, to enter into a mutually agreed holding pattern, until the outcome of the Local Government reform process is released in a few weeks time. Resolutions from the JFTAG/Bill Hauritz meeting relating to a range of vital matters, such as compatibility with the South East Queensland Strategic Plan, cultural and environmental tourism matters, public safety issues, future ownership options, public awareness and support as well as fund raising, are currently in the process of being prioritised before implementation.

TOWER NEWS IN BRIEF. Unanimous support received from the Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce. Brisbane Valley Tourism welcomes tower information at the Esk Multicultural Festival Saturday 28th July 2007. Big camp out planned for the weekend of Sept 28th 29th 30th 2007 at Peach Trees Camping Area Jimna.