In response to calls for local government to establish it’s position with regard to potential options for the future of the Jimna Fire Tower, Kilcoy Shire Council (KSC) has invited a deputation of Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) committee members, to attend a meeting set down for Wednesday 11/7/07. From this meeting, it is hoped that KSC will document it’s position with regard to both the short, and the long term future of the tower, and that a united working committee can be formed, for the purpose of administering a clear and united strategic plan. JFTAG recognises the importance of local government involvement and support, and will be eagerly looking forward to working with KSC in an attempt to move on to vital matters such as, new ownership, public safety, and future management issues.

CORPORATE AND PRIVATE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS BEING EVALUATED. It will be an exciting week for JFTAG committee members, who have also accepted an invitation to attend a meeting, on Friday 13/7/07, with prominent local entrepreneur Mr Bill Hauritz of Woodford Folk Festival fame. Mr Hauritz who has been an avid supporter of the Jimna Fire Tower from day one, has offered to enter into informal talks at this stage, for the purpose of evaluating possible corporate and/or private enterprise involvement in the Jimna Fire Towers future redevelopment and management, as a tourist destination.

PUBLIC AWARENESS EFFORTS TO CONTINUE UNABATED. Despite the promising developments above, it is important for JFTAG to continue it’s efforts to promote public awareness and to continue generating public support for the preservation of this historically significant Heritage Listed Tourist Icon. Please register your support by email or if already registered please pass on this news update to your relatives, friends,neighbours and work mates.