Jimna Fire Tower website up and running

As the Jimna Fire Tower story reaches a wider audience through our recently established WEB SITE, it is extremely encouraging for the volunteer committee of the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) to now be receiving daily requests from supporters to be added to our email list, as well as some much welcome suggestions. JFTAG absolutely guarantees that email addresses are kept strictly private and are only used for the purpose of sending regular news updates concerning developments in our quest to put into place a feasible alternative to demolition of this popular tourist destination.  

Although the towers’ future is currently under review by several Queensland State Government Departments, and we patiently await replies to letters and submissions sent, JFTAG must continue to generate PUBLIC SUPPORT by getting our message to the previous 30,000 PLUS visitors annually who have experienced the exhilaration of climbing the Jimna Fire Tower, and the wonder of the 360 degree panorama stretching as far as the Queensland coastline. JFTAG hopes that public awareness is accelerated by  passing on our WEB SITE and EMAIL details to neighbours, friends and workmates, with an invitation to register by email thereby creating an influential and essential PUBLIC SUPPORTER BASE.  

Public suggestions of what additions and facilities may ultimately convert the current structure into a commercially viable tourist attraction range from the worlds longest water slide, bungee jumping, abseiling, ferris wheel, chair lift etc., most of which would not be practical, however JFTAG at present is convinced that the tower, made publicly safe for climbing, will provide sufficient attraction in itself. The variety of ideas collated to date regarding a structurally strengthened tower with a number of public safety features, would obviously require professional assessment.