JFTAG commitment to work with government department

After laying rumours of suggested white ant infestation to rest in last weeks Jimna Fire Tower News Update the following important question needs to be addressed. Q – If people support the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG), to help save the tower, are they joining a protest group?. A – JFTAG is definitely not a protest group or anything like it. We simply are a publicly appointed committee with a clear objective – “to ensure that all possible alternatives to demolition of the Jimna Fire Tower are evaluated”. JFTAG is currently successfully establishing a group of professional advisors, who have generously volunteered to assist during future consultation with relevant government departments who are currently responsible for the tower and site. JFTAG is committed to dealing with both Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ) and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) in a controlled and professional manner, focussing on delivering a beneficial outcome for all. 

It is our understanding that the reason these government departments wanted to get rid of the Jimna Fire Tower was purely economic. Spending money on maintenance with nil return, understandably, does not fit within their operational charter, because the core business of both FPQ and QPWS does not include redeveloping defunct facilities into tourist attractions. Once these facts are understood the role of JFTAG, in trying to find a feasible alternative to demolition of this Heritage Listed Tourist Icon, becomes clearly defined. 

JFTAG, with strong public support, has an obligation to convince all levels of government and stakeholders that a redeveloped Jimna Fire Tower  has the potential to be of economic benefit to everybody. To date there have been dozens of good reasons to suggest that the previous statement is widely recognised, while in comparison, not one good reason to refute this ideology has been recorded. JFTAG reiterates its intention to move this matter forward with all stakeholders in a spirit of cooperation and rational dialogue.  Next JFTAG meeting will be held Friday November 10th, 10am, at “Jack’s Place”, Mary St., Kilcoy – all welcome. Dave Wright, Secretary.