The Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) has responded to an offer of assistance from the Forest Fire Lookouts Association (FFLA), by becoming a member of this world wide organisation. This interest, from beyond our shores, not only further demonstrates the rapidly growing public support for the towers preservation, but also effectively highlights the tremendous tourism potential of this magnificent symbol of our Australian heritage. Surely the most short sighted critics of the campaign to save the Jimna Fire Tower must at the very least be now starting to realize that, to contemplate raising this heritage listed monolith to the ground before exhausting all possible alternatives to demolition, is and was nothing other than an act of cultural vandalism. Membership of the FFLA opens a very wide window of opportunity for the Jimna Fire Tower as JFTAG expects our news updates and web site to be posted in FFLA’S newsletter exposing the campaign world wide.
With the current moratorium in regard to sourcing new owners of the tower site and infrastructure in place until after the March 2008 Local Council Elections, JFTAG is extremely grateful to be afforded the opportunity to bring measured and proactive debate into this complex and widely misunderstood issue. It must be recognised and appreciated that this respite was granted by the compassionate and concerted judgement of the Queensland Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, a resolution for which JFTAG has accepted as a token of mutual respect and a desire to genuinely find a solution.
THE NEW SOMERSET REGIONAL SHIRE COUNCILLORS are set to play an increased and leading role in tourism policy development and implementation for the soon to be Somerset Regional Shire Council, under the expanded roles and responsibilities outlined by the Local Government reform process. JFTAG believes that the Jimna Fire Tower, while not among the most vital of community concerns, none the less has now emerged as an important Local Government Election issue. One only has to ask the question. “What does the new Somerset Regional Shire now have that no other shire has?”. No prizes for getting the answer. “The potential of promoting the tallest, heritage listed, internationally acclaimed, JIMNA FIRE TOWER into a must visit tourist destination”.