Despite persistent showers causing depleted numbers and some itinerary changes , some fifty gleaming Harley Davidson motorcycles descended upon Jimna on Sunday 18/02/07, participating in the ride for Jimna Fire Tower. For an event that was on the brink of being postponed, the turnout was extremely impressive, providing visitors and locals alike with scenes never witnessed in Jimna before. The usual sounds of chainsaws, timber trucks, or FWD vehicles echoing through the Jimna Ranges, were temporarily replaced by the trademark throb of the Harley engines, which were eerily heard from Jimna, as soon as they topped the Jimna range five kilometres away.

The assembly of bikes and bodies at the Jimna visitor information centre for morning tea was truly spectacular, with a monetary value of machinery estimated to be in excess of two million dollars. Members of the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) were joined by visitors and locals alike, to mingle with and welcome our guests, providing an exciting atmosphere, and a significant show of support for the Jimna Fire Tower. JFTAG wishes to sincerely thank the Sunshine Coast Harley Owners Group, the HOGS, for initiating and providing this memorable event, along with the JFTAG committee members, partners, and local helpers who pitched in to provide a hearty morning tea.

After an excitingly noisy and fond farewell, while parading through Jimna town, it was off for a video and photo shoot, where the group paid homage to our Heritage Listed Tourist Icon, the Jimna Fire Tower. JFTAG is under no allusion of the fact that it is events like this, and the ever increasing public support, that will eventually encourage decision makers to invest in our Heritage instead of negatively attempting to destroy it.