After receiving the offer from current owners Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ), to repair the Jimna Fire Tower to a structurally sound condition, and to transfer ownership, the future of the tower now rests firmly in the hands of Kilcoy Shire Council. The FPQ letter of offer, sent to Kilcoy Shire Council on the 19/04/07, was subsequently followed up by a letter from the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group (JFTAG) on16/05/07, requesting a meeting with Council, for the purpose of establishing a representative working committee. JFTAG has offered to work with Kilcoy Shire Council, to formulate a united and cohesive strategic plan, which would reflect the aspirations of all stakeholders including the council, and to also ensure that the Jimna Fire Tower’s future tourism potential for Kilcoy Shire and South East Queensland is not put at risk because of a fragmented presentation to FPQ.
CONGRATULATORY EMAILS FROM SUPPORTERS. News that the threat of demolition of the tower has been removed at least for the foreseeable future, has resulted in many emails of joy and elation. Due to the difficulty in replying individually, JFTAG wishes to, via this news update, sincerely thank everybody who has, or intends to send correspondence of gratitude for the tower’s progress, but as we have previously warned, as one hurdle is cleared, it seems another pops up to present another challenge. Rest assured, JFTAG is a small but extremely resolute group, dependent on the support of you, the public, so we urge you to continue spreading the Jimna Fire Tower news updates; plan a trip to Jimna, and remember that at the end of the day, it is people power who will save the tower.
FUND RAISING SAUSAGE SIZZLE. Final chance to venture into the great outdoors for a long weekend this coming Queens Birthday holiday, before the onset of winter. Peach Trees Camping Area, although very popular, may have a few camp sites still available.