In a major setback for the campaign to save the Jimna Fire Tower from demolition, Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ), has reneged on an understanding that the tower would be stabilised with sway wires. After assurances made at a meeting held 2nd Dec.08, “that ongoing dialogue with JFTAG would take place”, nearly twelve months have seen three Hoop Plantations Managerial changes, a series of unanswered phone calls and emails, culminating in confirmation that stabilisation plans were never funded.

It is evident that past and present practices of procrastination and deceit, propagated by the faceless hierarchy within FPQ have triumphed again, destroying any semblance of trust that has been built up during this now four year campaign. It is sad to report that Queensland Government policies administered by their commercial arm of Queensland Forestry FPQ, has wasted copious amounts of public money (enough to stabilise the Jimna Fire Tower many times over) in achieving so little.

The legacy of this wasteful Queensland government instrumentality FPQ, is here for all to see, besides their involvement in an obvious conspiracy to destroy the heritage listed Jimna Fire Tower, FPQ have managed to turn a blind eye to the decimation of dozens of tourism beauty spots, the closure of and the withdrawal of maintenance to many vital fire access roads, the dismantling of public education of forest management, allowing noxious weeds and lantana to run rampant, and to the discouragement of many forms of forest recreation. All of this in direct conflict with what Premier Bligh is currently advocating in regard to guaranteeing public forest access.

Given FPQ’s track record of secrecy, it’s inability to work with other forest interest parties, and it’s neglect of the environment, it will be interesting to see how Premier Bligh and the Treasury Department’s Commercial Transactions Team can convince a new buyer to purchase our Hoop Pine Estate with it’s current management as part of the deal.

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