As the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group(JFTAG) campaign to save this Heritage listed tourist icon, moves south throughout the Esk Shire, overwhelming support from community groups, business houses and the general public alike has been strongly evident. The pending inclusion of the Jimna Range/Conondale National Park areas into the new “Somerset Regional Council”, has generated a genuine desire for residents to visit or revisit the area, as a timely reminder of the valuable nature based recreational pursuits on offer and to see first hand the potential of this historically significant local landmark the Jimna Fire Tower. The need to attract higher visitation numbers and to create added business opportunity, demands that persons intending to nominate for the March 15th 2008 Local Council Elections, are prepared to be actively concerned about every avenue of possible business potential, wherever it may be located throughout the entire Somerset Shire, from Jimna to Minden and including all outlying rural areas.
The current State Government moratorium, which effectively postpones any threat to the tower until after the new Somerset Regional Council has had the opportunity to establish a forum of stakeholders “to evaluate all alternative options to demolition”, has effectively placed the future of the tower firmly in the hands of the electorate. JFTAG now clearly has the task of encouraging would be future councillors to demonstrate their commitment to the preservation of our Australian Heritage, by publicly declaring their support or otherwise for the fore mentioned highlighted goal. As such JFTAG extends a personal invitation to intending councillors, to visit Jimna for the purpose of becoming aware of the facts while allaying persistent negative, ill-informed and destructive rumours, circulated by those who chose to expeditiously evade responsibility, or have the simplistic out of view out of mind attitude.
As this will be the final news update for year 2007, JFTAG wishes to extend sincere thanks for the multitude of support and encouragement extended by so many from all sections of the general community over the past 18 months, it has truly been a rewarding journey, which hopefully will take us by gods grace to our ultimate destination, that being the successful redevelopment of the Jimna Fire Tower into a “self funding, must visit, tourism destination” for our future generations. Wishing one and all a very MERRY XMAS and a happy and safe NEW YEAR.
Please treat your family and friends to a camping or off road experience or maybe a day trip to the high country over the holiday period