Engineers offer JFTAG voluntary advice.

Recent meetings and ongoing professional advice has clearly resolved that the only way the Jimna Fire Tower can be preserved is for the tower and site to be redeveloped as a self funding Tourist Attraction. Although repairs to the present wooden legs, staircases, decks, and structural members will have to be performed, these components will only comprise a relatively small part of the structural integrity of a redeveloped tower.  

It has been recognised that the feasibility of repairing the present wooden legs, so that their load-bearing capacity would allow future visitors to climb the tower in any sort of numbers, would be a forlorn exercise. The most promising concept to date is to build a steel tower within the wooden tower with bracing intermediate viewing platforms or decks. The legs of this secondary steel tower would be attached to piers located inside the present wooden legs, and public safety requirements such as steel meshed staircases and viewing decks would add additional structural integrity to this innovative proposal. 

Other ideas such as the possible inclusion of sway cables attached to a collar placed high up the tower and anchored to piers located directly out from each leg on ground level has credibility in the quest for solutions for the long-term safe public use of this proposed tourist attraction.