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Nestled amongst the Jimna/Conondale Ranges with peaks rising from 1600 ft to 2000 ft above sea level and adjacent to the Conondale National Park, Jimna is the perfect place to enjoy the forest environment, the bell birds, the crisp mountain air and wild life in abundance, and situated just 140 klms North West from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Interested in off the bitumen adventure; enjoy the environment.  See the sights, that only nature can provide; listen to the birds; meet face to face with the wild life. And all that is before you reach the camp site at beautiful Peach Trees camping area. For camp site bookings visit https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/jimna/camping

Come and visit our attractions, photo gallery and museum at the
Jimna Visitor Information Centre,
4 Currawong St. Jimna
PH 0435 668 475


It is reputed that a Polish Prospector discovered the first Gold in the area and named the place “JIMNA”. Although on investigation it was discovered that there was no such name as “JIMNA”, there is however a Polish word “ZIMME” which means cold, and a word “ZIMNA” which means winter. As it may have been winter and cold when the Gold was found, it is reasonable to assume that the Polish pronunciation of either word sounded like “JIMNA” and that name was adopted.

More recent research by local historians has revealed that the name “JIMNA” may be an aboriginal word meaning “A PLACE OF MANY LEECHES”. Until proven otherwise this version has been adopted as the most likely to be true, as the Jimna area with a number of identified BORA RINGS was a traditional ceremonial gathering place for tribes whose members travelled from as far away as the Queensland coast. The abundant stands of BUNYA PINE in the area produced the bunya nuts which provided a major food source for these gatherings.